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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
No, Ben stunk because he played like hot garbage down the stretch. The Dallas and Cincinnati games will never go away, no matter who you try to scapegoat, deflect, and "Martyball" names and synonyms you throw around.
I never said he didn't make bad throws against Dallas or Cincy. My Marty ball criticisms go beyond those two games. Ben spent the first half of the season bailing out Haley on 3rd down. Remember that?

The Steelers try to play the possession game for the first 58 mins, then when that doesn't work, it's BEN HELP!

Let him try and win the game early, then maybe late game dramatics won't be necessary as often.

I said Denver's D sucked ass in this game. It was your buddy who brought out the dumb statistic to prove they didn't suck. Today proved that it didn't even matter.

The Steelers did not have a great defense in 2012, they did however have a solid enough one, more than enough for an "Elite" guy like Ben to do better than 8-8.
Did the #1 ranking for the Steelers defense matter against Denver, Oakland, Tennessee, and San Diego? It was the Stat Curtain. No splash plays until it was too late, just a paper defense.

Even then, Artie only supports the argument that Ben simply put just isn't good enough to carry the Steelers through the season and to the postseason like the Best QB's can. The Defense has to pick up the slack for him. The Defense isn't good enough, it has to do EVERYTHING.
So it's not a defense's job to force turnovers? The offense has to go 80-90 yards every drive and if they don't score then the QB sucks? You really don't get how dumb you sound right now, do you?

Like I said, stat curtain.

Maybe if you keep calling me "Yinzer" and throwing more characterizations around like a coward it'll make you stop being wrong.
Perhaps if you take your head out of the 70's and the Pittsburgh QB hating bandwagon it'll make you stop being wrong.

And Larry Fitz is still running.....
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