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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

Didn't read one of the comments here but I can't believe what this thread is about.

Did he play very well yesterday, yes. Wasn't that impressive though. He benefited from sloppy defense in the final drive of the 4th quarter and at the beginning on the long pass to Torrey. What was really good? The Drive at the end of the half that was really one hell of a masterpiece and nobody couldn't do better. 80 yards in 3 plays just impressive. The other Touchdown I don't remember right now. But the rest, take away the big plays where you can't give him that much credit for like I said the drive at the half which was impressive, he had really just a very average day. Completing I don't know 50% of his passes maybe. Wasn't a real threat for me of winning the game by starting at the own 20 yard line so please.

I don't know whats written about Flacco here on the board all the time because I'm a member not that long here but we all know he is no scrub. But is he a great Quarterback, also not. Give him credit where credit is deserved. He played good last night and is part of the team who goes to the Conference Championship. Thats impressive but he is in no sence a very good Quarterback maybe a little more then above average but I don't give him more, period.

One Thing I have to say though that just freaked me out last night. The defensive Interference by Cary Williams. I really just snapped there. Common really you gave him that play sliding with his legs into Thomas and no Ref sees it? You're kidding me right. Just ridiculous. Hated him the whole game as that happend. Celebreated every catch and every call against Willliams that game.
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