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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Steelers lacked discipline, they lacked focus and they lacked any respect for the game and their coaches. Between Mendenhall being a bitch to Mike Wallace playing like a ***** to not get injured. That, and no true leader on the field. Ben is not a leader and never will be. Guys like Harrison and Troy are doers, they aren't the vocal type. The leader on this team needed to be Tomlin, but instead, he was too busy padding people on the ass telling them good job after mistake after mistake. Losing to the Titans and the Raiders was unacceptable and those two losses had as much to do with a shitty season then Ben playing like an idiot.

So, Tomlin will need to re-evaluate his role in this thing. First thing you can do as an org, is get rid of the cancers. Mendy and Wallace. Sign the young guys and play the young guys who are performing. Sign Lewis, draft a safety can take over when Clark and Troy retire. Pray, for at least one (bleep) year that our offensive line doesn't get injured every other damn play.
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