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Default Re: P-G Final Report Card: Steelers earn a C-

I was a fan of The Chin and I am a fan of Tomlin. I wasn't alive (for all intents and purposes) when Chuck was coach. I like Tomlin and think he is a good coach. In no way am I wanting to ditch Tomlin....however....I think the coaching problems started to show themselves last year.....not just this year. The lack of motivation the players had for 'lesser' opponents bit us big time this year. This really started to show itself last year. Last year you could see the team was only playing hard enough to win and would only really show up for the big games (NE, BAL, etc)....this year that same lazy mentality carried over and this year it did cost us. It cost us in over half of the games that we did lose. I think the players need more discipline and that will come from the top down. I didn't buy into everyone saying that we were losing veteran leadership in the locker room without Farrior, Smith, and Ward but I was wrong. I thought the coaches would be firm enough to keep guys in line and focused and playing hard but it didn't happen. I hope next season leadership starts with the coaches and trickles down instead of relying on the players to discipline themselves.
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