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Default Re: Peyton Manning throws game-losing INT

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post

The Jets are a top defense. They are every season. A top 5 defense this season despite losing their best defensive player, and they're a division rival at that.

Say what you want about Jets dysfunction and their offense this season, but the Jets are not the Chargers. Their defense brought them to two back to back AFC Championship games, lest you forget.
You are defending the Jests right now. 20th in pts/g, who face the lame ass Bills and Dolphins, inflating their yds/game number to 8th. That is not a top defense.

Don't get me wrong, the pats are a great team, I expect the Ravens to play you again this year in AFCCG, not disrespecting the Pats.

But there is no defending the garbage division you play in, even if you could make a case for the Jests.

EDIT: since you asked I will spot you New York.
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