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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

I would have to agree many people including myself wanted a heavy defensive draft. However looking at the teams like you said in the playoffs they all can put up points in bunches.

And looking at our defense without our older stars Harrison Hampton foote Troy and Clark and ill add dabread we have a lineup that looks like

Safety- Robert golden a guy the organization likes. No one really after him
Corner- ike( few more years) lewis( I believe we resign him), Allen, brown
Olb- Woolley, worlds( led our team in sacks till last game with limited time), not much after them
Ilb- Timmons, spence, slyvester
De- heyward, hood, fangupo, woods
Nt- McClendon, Taamu

Starters lineup you would have.
Safeties- golden, other spot?
Cb- Ike, Lewis, Allen brown
Olb- Woodley, worlids
Ilb- Timmons, then spence? Slyvester?
De- hood, heyward
Nt- McClendon

So the only ? That we have that will be pressing needs in a few years will be safety and ilb. And Troy and Clark have at least one year left maybe two based on health. So coming into this draft you have ilb concern. And just depth everyone else.

So I can agree that this draft can be heavy on offense and I wouldn't mind it.

The oline could always use a upgrade and warmack or cooper would be nice even Ben jones
Wr- I think Wallace will be gone to much money he wants and doesn't fit in Haley's system, so I think a high draft pick there. Sanders is best as a slot so we need a guy opposite brown
Rb- need a upgrade we have backups on our team
Te- Heath has a major injury and having good te is a must in the league now

We need help on both sides but offense may be the most pressing need
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