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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I hear you on that.

But... to play devil's advocate.

McClendon, Hood, Heyward : young, young, young.

Harrison, Timmons, Spence, Woodley: OLD, young, young, fat.

Ike, Keenan, Cortez: OLD, young, young.

Troy, Clark: OLD, OLD

Harrison, Troy, & Clark need replacements. Ike's replacement is either Keenan or Cortez, with a nickel-back needed (R4-7). Spence and McClendon are question marks, but my hopes are high (although, I'd still like an ILB drafted high, to compete with Spence).

Thus... if a S and an OLB are drafted, I'd concede the ILB pick, in favor of an offensive player.
Jason worlids is Harrison replacement
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