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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
They're probably thinking:

"Why can't our skill positions play like that!?!"

Mike Wallace "could" be Torrey Smith.

AB "could" be Wes Weller.

Spinny, Dwyer, & Reggie Noble "could" be just as good as Ronnie Hillman, Stephan Ridley, and Shane Vareen.
Yes, those guys underachieved and it's apart of the Steelers' failure this season. But do these playoff teams look like they're worrying about time of possession? Are they holding back their offenses from "scoring too quickly"?

Some guys gotta step up, but the Steelers need to change their philosophies and start getting the vertical passing game back. Other teams started catching onto the dink-and-dunk and Marty ball stuff and the offense never adjusted.

It's okay to trade some possession time for points.
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