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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by rich4eagle View Post
Defense has never been the winner in football. Great defense allows to be competitive but great offense indeed always wins. The Steelers issue now is not defense or offense but inability to execute on offense and inability to allow defense to do its thing. It all goes back to Tomlin and Haley, Haley should be fired now, and Tomlin cannot manage a game. So either get a game manager for Tomlin or boot en both
Everybody hyped up the Steelers' defense as being #1 in yards, but as we saw from this season it wasn't enough. The defenses in the playoffs may have given up a lot of yards and points, but they also made splash plays. They got sacks and forced turnovers. Changed field position. They played aggressive. The Steelers defense didn't do that until it was too late. You can't expect the offense to march up the field 80-90 yards on every drive and come away with points.

Look at the last game against Cleveland - the defense gave up a lot of yards, but they forced four turnovers and held the Browns to only 10 points. Isn't that what's most important at the end? Yes I know it's Cleveland and they stink, but the point is it doesn't matter if you're giving up a lot of yards if you're taking the ball away and finding ways to keep the other team off the scoreboard.
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