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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
You say that Art II was concerned about TOP. When did he ever say that? In his pre-season press conference, he stated that his main goal was to keep his QB upright... which they did. Please, provide a link or cite a reference that says that he was more concerned with TOP that with anything else. Alas, every time that you've posted this, I've asked the same question... and then, you disappear from the thread.
When the WRs, all of them, are only sent 5 to 10 yards beyond the LOS, that's my indication that the Steelers are more concerned about TOP than scoring regardless of what anyone says. When they call run, run, pass after one of the few turnovers the defense gets instead of going to the jugular, that says they're more concerned about TOP.

And Ben wasn't kept upright, he missed 3 weeks.

Did he mention that he wants the running game to be better? Yes... because, look at it: it's horrid. Since that declaration, they have drafted three O-linemen in the first two rounds is a step in the right direction... a move which even you can agree with (right???).
The problem is the Steelers are going about it the wrong way. They're definition of fixing the running game is stubbornly calling RUTMs on the first two downs and hope Ben bails them out on 3rd and long. They essentially shut down their own running game by doing that. Also, last week the Packers were able to run the ball effectively against the Vikings because they used a lot of no huddle which tired out the Vikings' front 7.

Perhaps the Steelers should pass more often on first down because a) it's a down where the defense has to respect both the run and the pass, and b) it'll probably result in more manageable third downs.

Regardless, the bolded part is the difference between play-off teams and the current Steelers. Wes Welker's sideline pass was the epitome of "wanting it." The ball should have been knocked away, but he one-armed it. I can count on my fingers the number of times that the skill player on last year's roster tried even a fourth that hard.

Wallace not dragging his feet and/or not going after balls thrown in his direction. Fumbles by AB... and the RBs. Not getting out of bounds when the clock is winding down. Et cetera.
I acknowledge that the WRs never made the difficult catches (or the easy ones) for much of this season. However, the Steelers also have to realize that this ball control offense isn't putting up points. Like I said before, only two playoff teams were in the top 5 in TOP, and both of them were eliminated today (Houston and Seattle). Trade some TOP for points.
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