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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
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Ah, your opinion. Just clarifying that it is merely your opinion. Thanks, once again.

injuries can happen on any given play. Ergo, limited the number of sacks, reduces the chances for injury. The sacks were down. Period.

Greg Cosell said that the correct plays were called, but that the injuries to the O-line reduced the execution. Furthermore, he stated that prior the the O-line collapse, the offense was heading upwards (not significantly, but upwards). The NYGiants game was an example of the healthy O-line running well. BUT, obviously, as the Cosell thread proved: your OPINION is more valuable than the analysis of an unbiased analyst with thrifty years of film study under his belt.

Likewise, Trent Dilfer has stated that the Steelers have called the right plays, but due to execution (or lack thereof), many of those drives resulted in FGs (or even turnovers) instead of TDs. BUT, again, obviously your OPINION is obviously more accurate than ESPN's top analyst.

Yet another reference to Marty-ball. At least you never give up on your opinions. I'll give you that much. It could be raining, and you'd throw down an umbrella. Kudos for sticking to your guns... albeit, rain-soaked guns.
Don't be pissed off when the offense doesn't score many points then.

I guess if Cossel says the sky is green then the sky is green.
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