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Default Re: Brendon Ayanbadejo is a Complete Clown

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
It's totally a gimmick. I mean, take away that scoring more points than the other team trick and what have they got?
I just laughed out loud and even as I write this, am still laughing. Thanks for that.

Originally Posted by BlacksburgSteeler13 View Post
First of all, who the hell is Brendon Ayanbadejo? Second, why is he bitching about a completely legal offensive tactic before the game even begins? If the offensive can line up quickly enough and the defense is unprepared, an offense is expected to take advantage of that. Apparently, that's too much to understand for Ayanbadejo, who is apparently already making excuses for himself and the team. It's almost as if he expects the Patriots to completely carve up the Ravens' defense next week.
That's exactly what it seems like he's doing.
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