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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Originally Posted by BrandonCarr39 View Post
I'm not the world's biggest Ravens fan either(they beat Dallas in their TX Stadium finale in 2008, and then a gut-wrencher this year), but they are getting hot at just the right time. It's as if we've seen this movie a number of times before recently.

With no Gronk, the Pats may have a tough time next week.
Even if they put Cary Williams on Welker (good luck, Cary) then who's covering Lloyd, Hernandez and the 'Back out of the backfield? I'd love to see Ray Lewis try and cover Hernandez - that would be the funniest shit I'd see all week.

I'd also like to throw in the fact that the Texans front 7 is significantly better than the Ravens and they generated little-to-no pressure on Brady all game. That gives Brady time to pick apart and shred that secondary. I think this game has blowout written all over it.

Sorry, Ravens fans. Joey isn't going to beat Brady in his house.
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