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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by pczach View Post
Even if we accept everything you say as absolute truth. If a QB that you state is "elite", is not as good as QB's you say are not "elite" in the playoffs or when it matters most, then WTF are you talking about. If Manning is the greatest QB ever, but not as good as Ben under pressure....How good is Manning really? Rodgers is great. He had 96 yards passing in the first half yesterday, and 50 of them came on a jump ball that ended up bouncing into the hands of his receiver. He got most of his yards at garbage time in the game, and still only threw for 256 yards. Does he suck too? So much of this is subjective, I know, but come on.

Oh, and why don't you ask any Raven player to tell you candidly whether they would rather have Flacco or Ben as thier quarterback. You've heard Raven's players marvel at Ben in the past, and also know the record when Ben does or doesn't play. If you believe Flacco is as good as him, that's your opinion. I think if you asked most people in this league, they would overwhelmingly take Ben.
Big Ben has been (bleep) in the clutch for 3 years now. It started from the last drive in SB 45. So, lets say, had he won that game with a last min drive again, then yes, he would be elite because he would be a 3 time SB champ and more then likely would have won the SB MVP too. But he didnt. And he has been shitty for "elite" status.

As far as Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning, did you watch the games? Was is Aaron's fault their defense allowed almost 600 yards. Is it Manning's fault the Broncos defense cant cover a damn receiver with secs left to win the game? Was it Brady's fault for the helmet catch and Welker dropping a 1st down pass to end the game?

Now, last year, Ben was good. There were two games we lost that cost us last year and it wasn't Ben's fault. The Ravens game when they drove 92 yards to win. And the Denver playoff game where Ike Taylor made Dey Thomas look like Jerry Rice and Randy Moss merged together in their prime. BUT, he still doesnt think about his mortality. He needs to throw the damn ball away sometimes. Each year he keeps missing key games and coming back and playing badly. The other thing is, he keeps whining about something. He needs to shut up and just play. I am tired of hearing him whining about coaches and players. Just play the (bleep) game.
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