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Default Re: Don't lynch me...I want the Ravens to win the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
Originally Posted by CrabbySteelerFan View Post
I record every Raven game during the regular season and only watch it if they lose so I can relish every moment. It's fun to watch them score a touchdown and celebrate knowing all along they will ultimately lose.
that's hilarious! I think if our rivals are better, it not only makes us look better, but actually makes us better.

That being said, I won't be rooting for them to win the SB.
I live 25 minutes from Baltimore. Before I watch the game I turn on the radio and laugh as I listen to Raven fans call in and complain about all the things that went wrong during the game. I usually do this for a good half hour.

And don't think for a second that I'll feel even a brief moment of sympathy if the Ravens lose to New England or in the Super Bowl. As always the first thing I'll do is click on the radio. More often than not one of the first five callers will talk about how the referees are engaged in a conspiracy against the Ravens.

By the way, I'd think that of all places on the internet a Steeler forum's spell check wouldn't spell check the word Steelers. That should be fixed.
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