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Default Re: Good video on Haley and Ben's problems

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
He also said we can't. Arians never had a back to work with. I supported getting rid of Arians, but he threw so much because we never had a back to work with. It's a big mess really.
Arians had FWP and Mendenhall. Never had a back to work with? Wow.

Arians got rid of the power running game. The David Johnson experiment was a failure. DJ whiffed on more blocks than any player I can remember outside of Sean Mahan.

Arians and Tomlin both went with the "draft weapons for Ben don't worry about an OL" philosophy that has resulted in the inability to run the football.

Mendenhall claimed they hardly ever practiced running the ball and wanted a good lead blocker. Now Will Johnson has taken over for David Johnson and the kid has potential. Another reason I like Haley.

You could say Haley has not had a back to work with since Mendenhall was injured- but don't say a thousand yard feature back like Mendenhall is "nothing to work with."
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