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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Originally Posted by BrandonCarr39 View Post
Yeah, the Falcons could/should have easily lost to Carolina(1st game), Oakland, Tampa(1st game), and Arizona. To be frank, their previous coordinators(Mike Mularky and Brian Van Gorden) were much better than their current ones, but somehow Derek Koetter and Mike Nolan get way too much accolades.
Could have/should have lost is the difference between the 2008/2010 Steelers and the 2012 Steelers - Falcons are now 14-3 - its not the BCS and style points do not count in the NFL

Nolan is an upgrade over Van Gorden (the players were tired of getting yelled at) and Koetter is an upgrade over Mularkey (who was too conservative and was going to get fired if Jax had not hired him as HC - we saw how well that worked out)

Would be interested on your take as to how the prior OC and DC were "much better" - that is not the view here in Atlanta
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