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Default Re: Good video on Haley and Ben's problems

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
And neither Parker nor Mendenhall are power running backs like Bettis so Arians went in another direction. I think BA "respected" a running game just as any other OC would but without a big back it's hard to HAVE that running game. So, since Ben was a prolific passer and the team had a decent stable of receivers, BA played the hand he was dealt and went more in the direction of a passing game.

And no, I'm not "apologizing", I'm just recognizing the reality of the situation. You can't use a sports car to do work that requires a truck.
Bettis' last 1000 yard season was in 2001. I'm not sure how he has any relevance in discussing Arians inability to run the ball. FWP would likely have led the league in rushing if he hadn't broken his leg in 2007. FWP was a helluva RB in his own right.

You get farther in a sports car than you do in a truck.

Mendenhall was the main back during Arians era but for all the love he gets you would think he was a 500 yard rusher and the worst back in the league.
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