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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I hear what you're saying. Overload one side of the ball. It's clever.

Let me counter with a few thoughts.

1. Resign Wallace. He had a bad year... and was still good. If he's resigned, then no need for a WR.

2. Heath's injury made TE a need. But, Paulson looks like a good #2 (pass catcher, but not blocker). Maybe a third TE, to replace Pope.

3. I'm not a fan of taking a RB early. It's a weak draft at the top... but, a deep draft. I'd add a RB to compete... but, honestly, I'm not sure any RB not drafted would be better than what the Steelers already have. Maybe a rookie "could" be better, but maybe not; no one blows me away in this draft.

I say draft Lattimore, IR him until week 7, and then insert him into the line-up.

4. The one area where the Steelers could upgrade is LG (Warmack, Cooper, Barrett Jones). That would help ANY RB. That said, I think that they go with Beachum (or Foster).

The Steelers could be a smothering type of defense, if they add a few parts.

The secondary was great, and adding a young S will only make it better.

Troy had his "injured season" this season; next season is his healthy season. (He alternates seasons.)

Harrison was coming on at the end. Adding a young OLB (rotating with Harrison) will help keep him fresh.

Woodley will get a kick in his butt, and come back to his 12-sack form for next season.

McClendon will get a chance to start. And, Heyward will rotate.

Lastly, Spence should be an upgrade.

If it were somewhere in between, here's what I would propose.

R1: S
R3: WR (tall)
R4: RB (Lattimore)
R5: TE
This is a really objective way to look at it - we can all sit here and say we have needs for whatever reasons at almost every position - I like that you went D in first two rounds because this draft will be heavy with D talent - and I think you need to get the best asap this year - O talent doesn't blow me away either - but I think we can find guys that will contribute and support the roster at that position in the mid rounds (3&4 as you noted) - TE is a real toss up for me still - we might be able to get someone undrafted -maybe even another Will Johnson type pickup in terms of unknown with some real assets we can utilize at a low price without using the draft
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