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Default Re: Good video on Haley and Ben's problems

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Bettis' last 1000 yard season was in 2001. I'm not sure how he has any relevance in discussing Arians inability to run the ball. FWP would likely have led the league in rushing if he hadn't broken his leg in 2007. FWP was a helluva RB in his own right.

You get farther in a sports car than you do in a truck.

Mendenhall was the main back during Arians era but for all the love he gets you would think he was a 500 yard rusher and the worst back in the league.
Because he wasn't a power back.

How many times did Mendenhall get stuffed at the line of scrimmage versus how many times he ran for miles when he got outside?

Mendenhall would be great in a spread offense, or a West Coast offense or whatever you'd want to call an offense that doesn't depend upon a big runner gaining significant yardage by running between the tackles.

But after years of "Steeler Football" which featured big tailbacks with a fullback blocking, we suddenly found ourselves with lighter-weight backs as well as a perpetually injured O-line and neither of those makes for any kind of consistent power running game.

So what's the alternative?


Or more specifically a pass-first offense that sets up the run and the runs it sets up are primarily outside runs and I think that's what BA was trying to do -- particularly when you have someone like Ben as the passer.
But a team like the Steelers, which has relied on a power running game for decades being asked to change gears to become a passing team isn't something that can be done in a season or two. Even if we had the personnel, the philosophy itself had to be changed and that comes from the Front Office and then trickles down to the team itself. But it's pretty obvious that the FO wasn't comfortable with it and as such they never really made a true effort to recruit the players to make it work. In the back of their minds, they still had this vision of "Steeler Football" and that vision didn't include a big time passing offense, so the best we could hope for was some sort of half-assed hybrid.

Look at the teams remaining in tjhe playoffs. All of them have good running games but can any of them - including the Ravens - really be called a running team? I don't think so. I also don't think of them as passing teams either but rather teams that have adapted to the modern game and who use running or passing to set up both as needed which is something that we can't seem to get a handle on. I think that BA tried, but he was bucking tradition and never really got the commitment from the FO that he needed.

All I know is that if the Steelers are going to be successful into the future, we can't "Be" just one thing but rather need to be able to morph into what we need to be when we need to do so and we're nowhere near that right now. Belichick recognized that years ago and as a result, the Pats defiy description because they the ability to adjust to any situation and that's the main reason why they've been so consistently successful for so long.

The days of "Imposing One's Will" against other teams are over and the sooner we realize that the better.
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