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Default Re: Could Another Steelers Offensive Position Coach Be Out The Door Soon?

Originally Posted by stb_steeler View Post
Why should players get an added bonus for doin what they should in the first place?
After all every player should be willing to work as hard as they can for their team.
Because apparently the kids coming into the league these days need to be spoon fed common sense. Look at the old guard...skills aside...Ike Taylor, Hines Ward, Ray Lewis, Brett Favre, Anquan Boldin, etc... Now compare them to the guys who have come up in the last 3-5 years...Woodley, Revis, Brown, and pretty much any of the others who seem to rip a hamstring or pull their achilles tendon every other year.

The media has run stories about how guys don't want to work out unless they have to. Hell, if the NFLPA had it's way the pre-season would be about 2 weeks long and not require padding of any kind. Ever see Troy stretch before a game? If they're going to be lazy or reckless, the teams paying them should be allowed to make part of their payment contingent on them keeping healthy.
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