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Default Re: Good video on Haley and Ben's problems

I will make a few points about ours or for that matter any teams offense. First it's a QB driven league, and we have a very good QB in Big Ben, the offense should go through him first. Second, a productive running game or at the very least a running game that can pick up short yardage downs are a QB's best friend. Third, offenses can only do so much in the face of penalties and turnovers, ST shortcomings, and bad starting field position. Lastly and this is for the Steelers mostly, we have to get away from the mentality of leaving it to the defense to secure wins, score and score often should be our new motto. Our defense while statistically #1 in most categories should not be dependent on holding leads every time or for that matter having our QB direct a fourth quarter comeback. We need to put our foot on opponents throats and put them away. I have warned many times that the Steeler ways is not scoring a bunch of points and has not been for some time, yet we do not have the type team to grind out wins with power and defense like Cowhers teams did so successfully. This team needs a new identity and it needs to find it soon.
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