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Default Re: How will posterity remember Peyton?

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
I still think up through 2009 Peyton was better than Brady. Obviously since then he's been on the decline and Brady clearly hasn't, but to me the Peyton Manning up to the end of the 00's was an all-time great who didn't have enough of a supporting cast to win as many SB's as he should have. He had complete mastery of his offense and team and made throws I thought were simply impossible. Not that Brady didn't either but to me Peyton's control and mastery of his passing attack was on another level...where Brady executed well for the Patriots, Peyton WAS the Colts, if that makes any sense (it probably doesn't but I'm having trouble putting my opinion into words). The 09 Super Bowl loss to Brees, to me, marked the end of Peyton's reign as the best QB...he's still playing well but at nowhere near the level he was back then. But, in short, I will remember him for his fantastic career as a Colt, regardless of whether he ever wins with the Broncos or not.

Then again, I'm one of those people who still argues Marino was better than Montana despite the lack of rings, so maybe I just have a soft spot for great QBs who didn't win many championships.

Nailed it. It's easy to forget that Brady also has one of the best, if not the best coach of all time. If Peyton was in New England and Brady was in Indy, you could probably swap how many rings they have.

Brady is far and away better than Peyton in the playoffs, and as of right now is the better QB, but I don't know how you can call Peyton a "system" QB when Brady has put up numbers when Belichek has given him an amazing offense. Granted, Peyton had some studs too at one point, and both Brady and Peyton make the people around them better, but New England has had multiple years now where opposing defenses flat out can't match the personnel that the Patriots offense has.

They are both great. Brady will go down as being better, but it's not as if he is far and away better. To me, Brady will go down as the second best post season QB of all-time, and they will both go down as top 5 overall.
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