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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It has nothing to do with being stubborn about our defensive philosophies. The reason the Patriots were putting up those numbers was because of a total team effort. They lead in the turnover differential and had Tom Brady as their Quarterback - those things together will = points.
Whenever the Steelers defense got a turnover this year, it was run, run, sack punt. Whenever the Patriots defense gets a turnover, their offense goes for the jugular. So yes, there is a difference in philosophy. The Patriots play modern football - they play for points. The Steelers think it's still about possession. They don't go for the jugular because they're afraid the defense won't get enough rest if they do.

We need to draft a WR or RB in the second round, depending on who is available. Beyond that, our defense is older and less talented at this point than our offense. OLB, ILB and S are bigger needs than what you're making them out to be. Right now, they're glaring holes and we need to draft younger guys to help reload our defense. Quality, playmaking WRs can be found in all rounds of this draft. On the flip side, there's only a couple of legitimate pass rushers and inside 'Backers in this draft and they're all going to be taken in the high rounds (1 - 3). That's why we absolutely have to address two of these positions in the first three rounds.
They'll need a TE too. Paulson and Pope aren't starters and cannot replace Heath.

Did you watch the playoffs this weekend? Some of those high-ranked defenses gave up a lot of points. Putting up points is what's most important, not possessing and hoping the defense keeps the team in it. Time to change philosophies.
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