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Default Re: How will posterity remember Peyton?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
. Peyton should be remembered as the guy who couldn't get it done when games actually mattered, but he won't be.
I agree with absolutely everything you said except this.

I think a lot of `legendary` football players get treated one way and then another once they retire. Manning has a lot of sycophants in the media, and they can keep his name alive with some people for now, but at the end of the day, when the curtain call comes, I can think of no player, ever, that wasn't remembered rightly for exactly what he was.

I remember when Marino retired, everyone saying "he'll be remembered up there with Montana and Elway, even though he never won the big one."

Truth is, he isn't.

Being the "greatest regular season quarterback of all time" sounds like a really great achievement, but when you consider his divisions, and his post-season play, it starts to sound more insulting than complimentary.

The Colts were guaranteed a post-season spot just about every season. All they had to do was beat up expansion teams.

Regular season stats are just a notch in the feather of great post season quarterbacks, NOT the other way around.
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