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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
So, exactly what would you suggest the draft look like? You complain about Colbert's drafting... so, please, enlighten us on what you'd do in this draft.

Likewise, since the offense needs help, why aren't you suggesting that Wallace & Spinny be resigned??? That's odd that you don't want them.

Is it a money issue? If so, to free up money, are you suggesting that the Steelers stop their archaic ways, and cut contracts of Harrison, Troy, Ike, & Woodley? Heck, Timmons & Clark should probably be cut, as well. Lastly, I'm assuming you don't want them to resign Lewis either. Right?

Does that sound "modern" enough?... or, are you suggesting even more cuts? Because, really, who needs playmakers, when we all know it's all a matter of simply "not handcuffing" any old defender. Chris Carter is obviously just as capable as James Harrison.

So, Yes, using your impeccable logic: let's not draft ANY defenders any more... ever. Because, the Steelers need to get with the modern times of drafting solely offensive players. Right?
More knee-jerking from you. I said they should draft a pass rusher. But considering who will probably leave in free agency, that offense will be more shorthanded than the defense. So yes, I'd stack up more on offense this year and score more points and not have to rely so much on the defense being ranked #1 in yards allowed.
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