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Default Re: Don't lynch me...I want the Ravens to win the Super Bowl

Originally Posted by CrabbySteelerFan View Post
I wanted them to beat Denver. I want them to beat New England and then go on to win the Super Bowl. Once the Steelers have been eliminated from the playoffs I always root for any teams that are left in our division.

Up until that point I hate the Ravens (or Bengals and Browns) as much as any of you.

Rooting for teams outside our division makes less sense to me than rooting for teams in our division. I think it's those of you that DON'T cheer for the Ravens that are being more illogical.

A strong division only makes your team look that much better.

I think some of my reasoning stems from the nineties when many of my friends who were Dallas or Giants fans would talk about the superiority of the NFC East. I also had a lot of friends that went to ACC schools and would talk about the superiority of their basketball conference.

I never admit this in public to other Steeler fans because more often than not they'll go apesh*t. I often don't even bother to tell this to Ravens fans because they usually insist I'm lying.

I acknowledge that it doesn't seem quite right to cheer for the Ravens and even I am surprised by how quickly my hatred for them completely dissolves once the Steelers have been eliminated.

But if you're questioning my allegiance to the Steelers you should know that I record every Raven game during the regular season and only watch it if they lose so I can relish every moment. It's fun to watch them score a touchdown and celebrate knowing all along they will ultimately lose.

Also, I have a Steelers piggy bank that is over 30 years old. How many of you can say that?

I wanted the Ravens to beat the Donkos............. because I hate every team in my division. I couldn't care less if my division wins the SB. If my team isn't in it, I don't give a shit about any other team in my division. The Ravens can go ahead and lose now, because, well............ I don't give a shit.
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