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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
It was vague at best. You did not list rounds for positions, let alone any players... so, again, stop complaining and take the reins. Enlighten us.
I can see where godor7 is coming and what he means.

The defense is number one again (and that's based on total years allowed ) but we were 8-8. A lot of people want to load up on defense in early picks so we can maintain this number one defense, which isn't a major need. We have some young players waiting in the wings of our defense and those guys are young and fast Allen Lewis even brown, heyward will be a quality de McClendon is faster are could be just has good as Hampton with the ability to stay on third down to generate some pass rush., and the verdit is still out on worilds spence and slyvester. Our biggest problem would lay in the safety spot where there is no clear cut replacement for either Troy or Clark and they both will be back be next year.

We don't have to maintain this top 5 defense to win another Super Bowl. What the defense needs to do more is generate turnovers and score ie more int and more fumbles something Allen showed in the last game, punching the ball out and such.

So with our young players waiting to step up we should focus more on offense then we do defense especially in the early rounds.

I especially would like our offense to be able to drive down and score a lot more than we did last year. Also I hated watching three and outs punting the ball and giving it away to the opposing team at the 50. We would also give the other team a short field to work with and then in turn we would always have 70+ yards to go.

We can always use another oline wr rb te more needs on offense than defense for next year
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