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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

In my opinion, the Steelers first pick in the draft should be a tight end, specifically Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame or Zach Ertz of Stanford.

Let’s talk critical need. When will Heath Miller be ready to go? Week 5 like Mendenhall or Week 1 like Adrian Peterson? Are you going to take a chance you won’t have a quality tight end for a fourth of the season? And I don’t even want to hear about Pope and Paulson.

Who was the most productive receiver on the Steelers this season? Heath was. Why is that? First of course, he’s an awesome player. Second, Haley’s offensive scheme featured the role of the tight end in a middle of the field ball control game plan.

Are any of our wide receivers Hines Ward? It appeared to me that Wallace, Brown, and Sanders don’t like going over the middle to catch it all that much. Hence, dropped balls and fumbles. Another quality tight end means the possibility of more two tight end sets. You know, like Gronk and Hernandez.

Eifert and Ertz, the two top rated tight ends in the draft, are about the same 6’6’ 250 pound size and I don’t see much to distinguish one from the other. Both are projected to go mid first round to mid second round in the draft.

The Steelers could possibly move down in the first round and still get one of these guys and pick up an extra pick. To wait until our pick in the second round, however, might mean both are gone.
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