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Default Re: 2013 Draft: Maybe it needs to be about offense instead of defense

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
I'd have to say I'm very happy with Colbert and his decision making ESP in round one see I agree with you there. He is a reason why we have been successful year in and year out.

Yes the defense relies on the pass rush. But the reason like you said last year was a unhealthy Harrison and Woolley with look to be a bit slow but he also has had his slu of injuries. Next year I believe they both with come back with double digit sacks, with worilds rotating and eventually taking over for Harrison. This will be worlids make it or break it year you cant say he is a haggans type cause we dont know. I don't see us taking olb in first i also don't think it's that pressing of a need especially I don't believe there will be anyone worth taking at 17th.

And Allen I believe had two fumbles by him self in the browns game not cause of what Harrison did. Our cornerbacks and safeties need to be better on breaking on the ball reading the qb and catching the ball. Clark goes for e big hit to mUch

I don't think we will go olb in round one nor should we. Offense should be focused on in the early part of the draft. This draft will be a tricking one to debate this early on cause I really don't see a clear cut great pick for us at 17 that fills a big need and makes our team better.

I would like to see the offense manage 30 points more so than not. You score points especially early on you make teams one dimensional.
Okay... let's assume Worilds starts on 2014. (We can agree to disagree on that.) The S position still needs two players by 2014... and thus, one HAS to be drafted this year. And, early.

Look at when this team has been successful: when they've had a dominant safety: Donnie Shell, Carnell Lake, and Troy Polamalu...

...and, Matt Elam.

You're right: he punched those fumbles out on his own. Can't agree more: he's gonna be special. Ike Taylor, part II.

I was thinking about his INTs. The INTs came when Harrison got in the QBs face. I'm sure Cortez had 95% to do with it, but I'm sure that the pressure helped that extra little bit... the difference between a better pass and an INT.
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