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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Originally Posted by AndyWitmyer View Post
I might take some heat for saying this - but of the teams remaining, I'm rooting for Baltimore. They're a divisional rival that I love to hate - but I also respect them in a weird sense - definitely moreso than I do the Patriots. I have nothing against the 49ers, but they could threaten the Steelers current #1 SB victory count by tying them with a win. And I despise thinking of Brady holding onto yet another ring...when we're not even certain if (morally speaking) 1 or more of them should be there in the first place.

So yeah...the Ravens it is, champion of the AFC North. Go Ravens! (until next season, that is)

EDIT: Wow - I almost forgot the Atlanta won that game - I'll definitely root for that team, as well!
Agree with you. The birds can represent the AFC North. They have really turned it on the last few weeks. Can never root for Brady. Refs named two ***** rules after him. The tuck rule and the Brady rule (can't breathe on him after he throws the ball-see Terrell Suggs penalties). Not a fan of Flacco but he never cries for a flag. Just gets up moves on to the next play. Gotta respect that. With an improved line he is starting to move around more and looks like BB in his hay day more and more.
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