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Default Re: Imagine that, Plax contributing to win

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
I'm guessing none of you remember Plax playing in Pittsburgh the first time around. He had all the talent then too. He was known for stopping in the middle of routes, lazy at times and other than 1 season was pretty average.

The Steelers decided to sign Hines Ward big and let Plax walk away.

Fast forward to 2012......8 years older, a convicted felon and had not played in over a year. I just don't grasp how people on this board could possibly think this guy could be a key piece to a Winning team.
That's how I remember it. Plus, lots of drops on easy catches, offset by the occasional spectacular catch. A maddening underachiever.

Still, I kind of like having him around for depth for another year as long as it's cheap. Also, it seemed that he matured a bit after his prison time, and maybe some of that might rub off on our young guys.
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