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Default Re: The mock for us so far

1st - I am not a big fan of Te'o , I've been said it all year ... plus why spend a 1st round pick when you got Spence last year to play the same position?? I know Spence never played and it depends on his recovery. I would just rather not give up on a 3rd round pick already.

2nd - I don't like spending 1-2 on a RB , and if they did I would rather go Eddie Lacy

3rd - This pick I love , I really like Cobi Hamilton

4th - Buchanan is interesting , as he could be a steal ... but how many 3 or later round "steals" are they going to keep wasting on this OLB position?? Worilds was supposed to be a steal , Chris Carter was supposed to be a steal ... seems like every year they're wasting 1-2 later round picks on an OLB ... just get a premium one and stop wasting picks

that's my take... what really Concerns me is that there are no Safeties, In this great safety draft, to not get 1 in the 1st 3 rounds is a huge mistake I think... plus Clark only has 1 year left on his contract so at least 1 Safety is an absolute need
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