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Default Re: Good video on Haley and Ben's problems

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
That's what has been killing the Steelers Offense over the past couple years. Ben and Arians fell in love with the passing game so much they virtually neglected the concept and merit of a solid complimentary running game.

Like Stephen A. said, the 70's Steelers were not all Bradshaw to Swann & Stallworth, they had Franco and Rocky in the backfield as well.

The 2005 Steelers. People say that team doesn't win if the Steelers don't unleash Ben in the postseason, and that's true, but here's the idea. The Steelers were a widely respected rushing team. Their Running Game was FEARED. Opponents had to account for it. Opponents were EXPECTING them to run. Ben doesn't have the degree of success he has without the respect of the running game.
That 2005 XL team was the biggest example of "Ace up the sleeve" I have ever witnessed.All the talking heads and all the other teams were pointing to Jerome's day against the Bears where he trampled Urlacher and said the Steelers were bullies and that no one would want to face them come playoff times - they were going to run it right down your throat, play great defense, and you MIGHT see the ball after they get a 10 point lead. Then . . .out comes Roethlisberger letting that sucker rip and completely taking every single team off guard. The O's plan and execution, along with the element of surprise and trickery won Whiz that HC job. Very masterful plan. We will never have a situation like that again, but, we need a running game that softens things up and gets guys playing up on the line more often.
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