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Default Re: How will posterity remember Peyton?

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Yeah no kidding. You can't claim Peyton benefited from a weak division when you've had the likes of those as competition. Anyhow, to answer the original question. I think he'll still be remembered as a great one as he should but he'll also be remembered for his failures also as he should be. I'm not sure about Brady. What kind of amuses me is he's put up his best offensive numbers in years he hasn't won the SB. When the Pats were a more balanced team, that's when he was winning the SBs with them. I'd still take Montana or Elway with a game on the line over Brady. That doesn't mean Brady sucks fwiw but I'd probably take those two over Brady if I could have any QB from any time to start a team.
Montana had that very rotten playoff loss against Minnesota in 1987. Niners were the #1 seed playing against an above average team(who happened to play their 2 best games against them and New Orleans in the WC round). He was also benched in that game for Steve Young. He also wasn't any better in those 3 Giants playoff losses.

Elway lost his first 3 SBs by blowouts. BTW, he DID have a running game in the 3rd SB, and the 2nd SB was against an above average "winning ugly" Redskins team.

Ultimately, it's hard to win SBs.
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