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Default Re: Renowned Trainer Tom Shaw Wants to Work With Woodley

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Let me preface this by saying that you should all head over to SteelersDepot - I site I frequent - and read the article by Dave Bryan. The guy knows his stuff and posts up to date and accurate information, usually with a great sense of humor. I'll pick the highlights out of the article, but I encourage you to read the entire thing.

Renowned Trainer Tom Shaw Wants to Work With Steelers Linebacker LaMarr Woodley

By: Dave Bryan

... I also mentioned that Steelers Linebacker LaMarr Woodley in that post has been a lightning rod for criticism this past season for underperforming and looking like he was out of shape and overweight. As it turns out, Shaw told Harris (of PT-R) recently that he thinks he can help Woodley with his hamstring problems that have plagued him since injuring the left one in a week 8 win over the New England Patriots.

“There are three ways to pull a hamstring — overuse, overstriding and dehydration,” Shaw said. “A linebacker who makes 80 percent of his plays within 10 yards is playing within a box. He shouldn‘t hit his (full) stride length. I want Woodley to come down here. He‘s a hard worker, but we teach the proper way to run.”

Prior to the hamstring injury suffered in the third quarter game against the Patriots, Woodley had recorded 36 total tackles and 9 sacks on the season. I will remind you that this game was only the eighth in the season. Can you imagine what kind of numbers Woodley would have put up if he managed to stay healthy that season?

“You need guys that understand the importance of doing what you‘re supposed to do,‘‘ strength and conditioning coach Tom Shaw said. “This is your career; this is your livelihood.

“The whole purpose of offseason training is you don‘t want to drop off and have to work to get back to where you were during the season instead of using that time to work on getting better.”

My take? Go LaMarr. Go right now. I've been saying for a long time that when he was healthy, he was a top 5 OLB in the NFL. When that hamstring isn't nagging him, he's an absolute stud and beast on the left side. He needs to go to Shaw and work out with him ASAP. This is the same Tom Shaw that Ike Taylor swears by, and he's been playing lights out the last couple of years. Adding LaMarr Woodley to his training program can only mean good things for the Steelers and our lack of pass rush.
Love what I'm hearing here. At least theres a reason now why he underpeformes and why he had such a bad season. He's hurt ok thats bad but it seems like they can do something about it now which is awesome. I even give him a walk on his overweight I mean as an pro athlete this is a no go but with a hamstring injury over a whole year men thats though.
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