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Default Re: How many more years does Ben have left?

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
this - the window wasn't as big as it was a 2-3 seasons ago, that is for sure

I remember seeing him standing on the podium after they won XLIII and thinking "This son of a bitch is gonna pass Bradshaw and get 5 rings"

Now, I'm just hoping for 1 more. I really don't see more than 4-5 seasons at this rate and unfortunately, I think we'll see 1-2 more 8-8, 9-7, or one and dones mixed in there. I'm hoping the FO realizes their chances of winning another 1 are getting smaller by the half season.
Well stated, my man. My thoughts exactly-- I had that same internal conversation when that Lombardi was being hoisted up.

I am hopeful that we are just being alarmists though. That injury this year looked to be a fluke to me-- didn't look nearly as vicious a hit as many others Ben has sustained. Ben was on pace to smash all his previous records this year until then.

I think he might do better with another year under Haley's system, but the way it is looking, I think we will be seeing Haley on someone else's sidelines next season. There are a lot of teams looking for new staff members and coaches.
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