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Default Re: Stop kidding youselfs; Flacco is solid.

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
SC is a cool guy, I don't think he was being all that serious.

Anyways, there were some nice Ravens fans on 24x7 and the Official, but they were so many bad guys I was pushed out. Hell, on the OFFICAL FUCKING FORUM a mod banned me for saying "good game" after the game in Baltimore. No joke, I can go screen it. He also called me an asshole.
Yeah the Ravens official board is always on hyper-clamp down mode. I think it can be fun to talk to opposing fans, it can be fun to do a little trash-talk, you just have to wind yourself down every now and again. But it's always tough to convey things lightheartedly in text, especially when the starting assumption is that you must be completely trolling to be on another team's board.

I thought the Flacco thread was interesting, so I posted. I had a few complimentary words for Charlie Batch a few months back. I mean, it's just football.
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