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Default Re: Steelers’ Fixes Far Away From “Just One Year”

Last year 12-4 and an early exit, and lots of injuries to key players. This year 6-3 and then key injuries and an 8-8 record. I know we are older in several key positions, but I think we can make a run if #7 can stay healthy, adapt to the new system (similar to what he was doing during that 3 game winning streak) Haley can adapt a little to play to his QBs strengths, Tomlin has to "come down" on some people, a little luck would be good too. We are not a bad team, but we are not a dominant team either. We need to win some close games that we lost this year, and we need #7 to be the #7 of two-three years ago, or at least the #7 of the small sample we had at 6-3.
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