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Default Re: Steelers’ Fixes Far Away From “Just One Year”

I would agree that we're more then 1 year away from the SB. Yes the Colts made a drastic improvement this year, but they were a team starting fresh, and they wouldn't hold up to the 4 teams that are left. The reason I think we're more then one year away is because our problems seem to be mental and our vets are going to continue to drop off or retire. After the 2009 season a lot of people thought we were starting a downward slide, but not me. Teams often struggle after winning or even going to the SB.

It's a bit different now though. We have no real leadership like we had then with Ward and Farrior. Age wasn't being talked about then, yet now we have guys that are nowhere near where they once were and we don't have anyone behind them in most cases. I wouldn't be totally surprised if they "right the ship" and make it to the SB, but there's just nothing we've seen in the last 2 years that makes me think they will without some great draft picks and serious coaching changes (I'm not talking about changing Tomlin, I'm talking about heart and discipline, and better in-game and personnel decisions).
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