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Default Re: Greatest Steelers by Position

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Who cares about regular season stats? I was told those aren't important. Your entire argument is that Ben puts up better regular season stats than Bradshaw. Who cares? Is Peyton Manning better than Joe Montana?

Would any of the Steelers you mentioned be in the HOF if Bradshaw hadn't won 4 superbowls? I don't think so. Roethlisberger has had a consistently better defense than Bradshaw. Swann got into the HOF because of great postseason performances- he caught more than 50 passes in his career once.

Let's look at Bradshaw's superbowl ratings (where you say he only had 1 good game) 108, 122, 119, 102.... clutch!

I already pointed out that you cannot compare stats from the 70s to stats now. Stats are greatly inflated now.
Exactly, Defense was a bigger part of the game back then. Offense rules the day now with bigger, quicker and stronger players. Comparing the two are akin to apples and oranges.
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