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Default Re: Steelers’ Fixes Far Away From “Just One Year”

Originally Posted by austinfrench76 View Post
Ok, so Ben gets hurt and that cost us the playoffs (I think we can all agree on that) and we aren't a 1 year fix? What exactly are we fixing? I know we have holes, as every single team in the NFL does but again what exactly are we fixing? #1 ranked defense and a QB having an MVP caliber season. Now everyone wnats to fire Haley, Tomlin and "fix" the Steelers. There are MANY teams in this league that would love to as close to being "fixed" as the Steelers.

No team can hold NE below 20 points, when's their last SB victory? The 49'ers??? Kapernick is a rookie. Next year, the league figures him out! Plain and simple just like Cam Newton. The Ravens are the Ravens. Good not great, Lewis retires and so does Reed soon. They have an average offense and a below average defense now. The Falcons are good, with playmakers, and according to this article they are the closest thing in the Playoffs to the Steelers?? You know what, I'll take it! We will be fine next year. We have personnel holes that need filled but I see us playing much better on O because the players have another year in the system. We do have to figure out the RB situation, and we will, and I think Ben plays an entire year (that's probably the most hopeful thing I've said in this post) but the Steelers need to bring in another vet to back him up anyways. Or draft for the future. I just don't think we are broken. We are hurting b/c we aren't in the playoffs but we do not over react. We are not the Clowns and all these other teams that fire coaches or make big swooping changes on a whim. It's why I am a Steeler fan!
I was thinking the same thing: a lot of teams will be coming back to the pack... and, even if the Steelers remained the same, they'd be a play-off team. Likewise, staying healthy would make them a serious contender. And, lastly, if they can fix their special teams, so that it does not give up tons of yardage, the Steelers would be a "favorite" to win it all.
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