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Default Re: How many more years does Ben have left?

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Nobody worth having as a franchise QB will sit for 4 years.
They don't have to sit for 4 years. They can probably play 6 games a year, that's how often Ben really shouldn't be playing. We need a lot of work done on this team and we need to get started now before it causes us to go 3-13 or something like that. The steelers WON'T tank on purpose, I don't cheer for teams who do that. I'd hate to see steeler fans wearing paper bags over their heads, that would break my heart. Maybe we should make sure we take care of the running back position with our first pick this year, then patch the line up with the rest and perhaps grab free agent back up qb (which I doubt we would do" and just worry about a great sucessor in a year or 2 but we really need to start giving it some thought, it's clear Ben's career is entering its final stages, not saying he cant put up good numbers for a couple more years but I really think thats it. Bens always been a "different" kind of quarterback and I think unfortunately having a short career will be part of that.

but after seeing how our team came unglued after big ben went down this year, we clearly need to focus on offense, We all know defense is important but you need to score points to win. look at some of the great teams in the play offs, all these games the teams are putting up 30+ points, Pittsburgh hasn't done that in a long time in fact I think the losing effort to GB in the SB was the last time I saw them put up 30
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