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Default Re: NY passes new state gun laws

To be honest, what Bush Sr. did in this regard is not of much importance to me. I was 9 when he passed the EO you mentioned. So not sure why bringing it up is of importance. He's not the president anymore, and what he did shouldn't matter in what we don't want the current president doing.

One or more former presidents doing unconstitutional things does not mean we have to stand for the current president doing unconstitutional things. I didn't like Bush Jr. either, and looking back on the past, I don't like what Bush Sr. did, or Reagan, or Nixon, or Johnson, etc. etc. That doesn't mean I'm not going to voice my disdain for the current administration and attempt to fight back against unconstitutional laws.

Keep in mind, there are actually people alive who've only seen one or two presidents in their voting age life lol.

My hope is this bill doesn't pass Congress and eventually dies. It'll have a tough time getting through them.
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