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Default Re: Should the Steelers go after Alex Smith

Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
Yeah I know it won't happen, It was mostly just an example , we really lack depth at quarterback. I just don't want us to end up having to start leftwich or batch EVER again. We seriously need to add 5 years to Ben's age, and consider him to be a 35 year old quarterback right now and get a successor in line or we are going to be in a real bad place, like Browns bad, like Rams bad. You get the point. Time to make a big move.

I have to respectfully disagree with the assertion that Ben's physical age is 35. Yes, he takes a beating and his share of injuries (somewhat due to his style of play) but he has never had a season-ending injury, or even one that keeps him out 5, 6 games or more.

He only missed 1 game after his leg injury last year (albeit, he was hobbled for the rest of the year - but was still able to have us in a position to win in Denver) and just 3 games this year with what seemed to be a significant injury.

Ben has definitely missed his starts over the years, but prior to his injury this year he was playing like a quarterback squarely in his prime. The notion of Ben as close to being finished due to injury is overblown. He has 5 quality seasons left, at least. We need to start thinking replacement in 2015 or 2016 at the absolute earliest.
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