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Default Re: Colbert, Steelers FO Allude to Changes on the Way

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
Those are grown man answers made my a grown ass man. Good for him. That was one of the best answers to questions I have heard in YEARS. Priority number 1 is Keenan Lewis on that list. Ike has one more year in him. Steelers are gonna need to get a CB in the first or second round this year. OR, take a flyer on the Honey Badger. If he can avoid the hippie lettuce, man, he would be a steal like Burfict was for Cincy this year.
Ike is actually a guy I forgot to comment on.

By next season, I expect any combination of Keisel, Harrison, Hampton, Polamalu, Clark, Foote, & Taylor to be retired/gone. 3 of the guys on that list, as already mentioned, I expect to be gone during this offseason.

I do, truly believe, we could make a strong playoff push in the 2013 season, I believe Colbert has that type of determination in him. Recently I created a thread questioning the value of Colbert, I think what I said was valid but this is a Colbert we have not had the luxury of seeing in the past and it makes me change my opinion of him.

I also think that there is a much bigger chance than we have realized that Khan becomes the GM of the Jets.
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