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Default Re:'s first mock drafts. Interesting picks for Pittsburgh.

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
Nooo. OLB 1st, RB 2nd, Safety 3rd and DL 4th
If Woodley can be counted to pick up his game next year, technically,we will have 3 viable OLB starters: Harrison, Woodley, and Worilds. I am confident Harrison gets back to near form and takes a discount. Woodley should have a big year after this disappointing one.

If we just keep Mendenhall and work out whatever bad blood there is between he and coach, we won't need to waste a draft pick on RB, especially with so many other areas of need.

I actually agree with the original assessment, except I would go:

1) DT
2) TE
3) CB
4) SS/FS

We probably won't have Casey the Hutt. That leaves Steve Mclendon to hold down the DT position all by his lonesome. Better hope he does not get hurt.....or we might have to get Ta'amu out of prison to play. Also, with only one DT, what happens on those 3rd downs when they line up in a 4-3?

With Heath likely gone to start the year, we need some tight ends to spread defenses out. Paulson is looking pretty good, but Pope is NOT the answer.

After Ike taylor and Keenan Lewis (who we may lose) went down-- things got ugly. We need more than 2 viable starting CBs. Lest we make Phillip Rivers and Spurlock (who?) look like future hall of famers again.
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