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Default Re: Steelers will select 17th in 2013 NFL Draft

Originally Posted by JackH View Post
I love Austin too, but I don't see the Steelers taking another small WR early.

Now, on to some other things you said. You want Elam and have mentioned the possibility of moving down in the draft. Maybe both can happen.

I'll be surprised if any safeties are taken before we pick at #17. And I'm not too sure about who the first safety selected will be. It could be Kenny Vaccaro (Texas) or Eric Reid (LSU).

Let me give you a possible scenario for moving down. Chiefs and Jags have the first two picks. I believe both desperately want a QB, but will be reluctant to use those picks on guys like Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, or a few others. No can't miss QB. So the Steelers trade #17 for the Chiefs or Jags 2nd round pick plus another pick say their 3rd round pick.

With such a scenario the Steelers could end up with a top safety, although it might be one of the other guys and not Elam and one of the top tight ends and a high pick in the 3rd round for perhaps a linebacker or running back.
I was thinking the same thing a few weeks ago. Here it is:

Now... mind you, that was after the Clowney hit. Currently, I am thinking more realistically (less dreamy about getting Clowney). Here is the new & improved version:

With so many teams in the top 10 needing QBs... BUT, with so few quality QBs (not top-ten worthy).... AND with Dallas sitting at the perfect spot/wanting to draft one of these mediocre QBs (which they might do)...

Trade back from 17, with one of those teams in the top 10.

Those QB-needy teams would want to trade up from the top of R2, in order to get in front of Dallas; Pittsburgh could use multiple picks; and, this is a deep draft.

17 traded to JAX for:
the 34th pick
the 64th pick
& next year's R1 pick.

R2... 34 (from Jax) ... Tavon Austin!!!
R2... 47
R3... 64 (from Jax)
R3... 79

The only problem: I would not get Elam or Vaccaro (or Mingo or Jordan). But, with such a deep draft (especially at safety & linebacker) and Colbert wanting to cut dead weight... maybe tradign back is the best option. Then, with one fo those extra picks, maybe Austin slips to the Steelers.
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