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Default Re: Harbaugh Jealousy

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Vet, I get what you are trying to say: the Harbaughs are good coaches. I agree with that. Well... Jim is a good coach. John is simply a whining douche.

Regardless, BB is my QB... and Tomlin is my coach.

Everyone elks can have Drew Brees & Peyton Manning. Everyone else can have Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh. I'll stick with BB over any other QB, and with Tomlin over any other coach.

Oh, and my two guys have been to two SuperBowls and won one in the past five years. No one else can say that.
OK look guys, I'm 100% in agreement here. Let me echo the esteemed teegre's point: Regardless, BB is my QB... and Tomlin is my coach.

Sure, when some young, hot, rich chick walks up and offers to buy me a drink and dinner, I'm naturally gonna accept (this happens all the time) but in no way does that change my total commitment to my wife. It's no different here.

Yeah there are things I'd like to change about Ben, but he's already done enough to earn permanent loyalty - even if he never grows into the world-beater than he could be. Yes there may be better QBs out there, but Ben's my man until he can't do it anymore.

As for Tomlin, let's just be honest, it's a bit less so. It would be nice to see some growth, and a bit less of the same old mistakes repeated again and again. But if he's good enough for the Rooney's, he's good enough for me. I just wish that he was better than good enough, because good enough doesn't take you to the same place as great. And the Harbaughs are more than good enough, and that hurts a bit for this Steelers fan.

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