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Default Re: The prospect of just keeping mendenhall

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
We have Dwyer and Redman, both of who have performed better than Mendy whenever they've had the opportunity.
Really? They had one or two better games this year, but it was understood that Mendy returned in 12 months from an injury that calls for an 18 month recovery.

Either way, it seems we are willing to give Ben a pass for being hurt, but not Mendenhall.

Over the course of their careers:

864 carries, 3549 yards (avg 4.1 ypc), avg 62.3 yards per game

181 carries, 774 yards (avg 4.3 ypc), avg 36.9 yards per game

272 carries, 1136 yards (avg 4.2 ypc), avg 24.2 yards per game

How have Redman and Dwyuer performed better than Mendenhall? They had slightly better yards per carry, but they played in limited roles. The average yards per game tells all. A franchise RB needs to be counted on to provide more than 35 yards per game.

They have yet to manage a 1000-yard season, which Mendy has done for us in a pass-happy scheme with no Oline to speak of, SEVERAL TIMES.

Also, would be nice if they displayed the ability to carry the rock for 300+ times per season. Neither Dwyer nor Redman manged to string together more than 2 games at a time this year.

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
For our 3rd back, we need a player with desire, a solid work ethic, a good attitude, some respect for the team, and some respect for himself.
THIS would be a great role for Redman. Dwyer can be the backup/powerback in someone else's offense.

Originally Posted by TheVet View Post
Why is Mendenhall even in the conversation at this point? Yeah, it was a blown #1 pick, which always hurts, but at some point it's time to move on.
Becauise he is the only one who has shown the franchise RB pedigree we need.

How was he a blown #1 pick? Multiple 1000-yard seasons in bonehead Arians' scheme behind patchwork offensive lines? How did Redman and Dwyer do behind a much improved Oline this year, in comparison to Mendenhall? Have either of these other two bozos shown they can stay healthy for an entire season while getting only a portion of the carries? Do either Redman or Dwyer have any open-field ability (well, Redman does), or ability to cut a long one around the edges?

I really don't know what some of you are looking at.
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